Folk Quest


Folk Coins

What the folk?

A unique collection of NFTs from the mind of Swixel.

Folk are denizens of the caldera: a ring of mountains formed at the base of a remnant volcano. In these fertile grounds, verdant valleys, forests and deep gullies abound; a cradle of life for the weird and wonderful.

Folk is an NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain consisting of seasonally released 1/1 artworks. Each season 100 unique Folk characters and 10 special editions are summoned into the ecosystem.

Instead of a lucky dip style mint, collectors have the opportuniy to reserve the Folk they most resonate with.

1/1 Art

Handcrafted in pen & ink on parchment.

100% unique

Each folk is 100% unique with no shared or generated traits.

Artisanal Mint

Individually minted to the FOLK smart contract with


Strictly word of mouth and community driven marketing.

Special Editions

Each season will feature 10 special editions; high fidelity versions of existing folk.

… the future

Depending on the success of the project the next exciting phases will hopefully come into fruition. While Folk is primarily an Art focused collection, Swixel is a creator with decades of experience in digital, design, tech, gaming and web2 projects. With a network of good people in global brands and organisations, and the passion to create something deeply personal and fun, the possibilities are almost endless:

Games & Metaverse
Merch & Toys
Film & Video
Art Prints
Art Studio/Gallery/Cafe