Folk Quest


Folk Coins

Folk Coins

Folk Coins are hand-crafted art NFTs. They are souvenirs of time spent in the Folk universe, collectible art in their own right, and importantly tokens which enable access to Folk Summoning events.

Folk Summoning

Folk Summoning events are interactive mini games that bring new Folk (i.e. the main collection) into the world, directly to the wallet of a chosen Folk Coin holder. Behind the scenes the summoning is powered by Alphabot which multiplies the chance of being chosen by the number of coins held.

Where do Folk Coins come from?

Folk Coins are minted as a limited editions and distributed to chests found during Folk Quest games. They are relatively plentiful with 25-50 being looted in an average game as well as other minor events. The remaining editions may be minted directly from the FOLKC contract.

Folk Coin rarity

Coin rarity is defined by the following grades:

  • Uncommon – 1 of 1000 coins
  • Rare – 1 of 500 coins
  • Arcane – 1 of 100 coins
  • Mythical – 1 of 10 coins
  • Improbable – a 1 of 1 coin!
Why Folk Coins?

Folk Coins were conceived as an alternative to the pervasive and somewhat cheesy “giveaway” trend so common in Web3. Folk Coins provide a myriad of benefits to the Folk universe including:

  • Additional gamification for holders.
  • Easy entry point for non-holders.
  • More varied loot for Folk Quests.
  • Low priced revenue stream for Folk.
  • Additional category of collectible art.
Sensu Shekel

Sensu Shekels are black rhodium-plated gold coin found on the Isle of Sensu.

Grade: Rare (1/500)

Agave Azul Medallions

Agave Azul Medallions are dazzling medallion sized coins found within the ruins of Agave Azul.

Grade: Uncommon (1/1000)