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Important information about Swixel related products and services
Goods and services

Swixel is primarily an artist and creator. The products and services on offer were (re)born in Web3 and include digital art, assets and collectibles (aka NFTs).

How can I purchase art?

Swixel’s work includes, but is not limited to, Digital Assets (NFTs) appearing on a number of platforms and marketplaces trading mainly Ethereum and Tezos as well as indirect fiat currencies including AUD and USD.

Some marketplaces may include the use of fiat currency based financial services such as Stripe. Please refer to the security capabilities and policy for transmission of payment card details on these respective marketplace websites. At the time of writing Swixel does not off any such services directly. 

Ethereum is the blockchain technology that underpins the cryptocurrency called Ether (ETH). Learn more at

Tezos is an open-source blockchain lauded by artist world wide. The native cryptocurrency for the Tezos blockchain is the tez. Learn more at

For crytocurrency transactions you must link a Web3 Wallet (E.g. MetaMask, Kukai) to any respective marketplace website and use a cryptocurrency complete purchases.

Any purchase of an NFT is considered solely for personal use and enjoyment, and should not be collected for speculative or investment purposes.

What is an NFT?

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital collectible stored as a token on a blockchain. NFTs can represent digital art and/or offer additional utility, including access to websites, digital entertainment or events. 

Customer Service

As a Web3 native, contact with Swixel may be made via Twitter or Discord.

Issues relating to third party marketplaces, must be resolved through their respective support channels. Here is a list of the most common marketplaces:

Refunds and returns

Digital assets created by Swixel may be purchased or traded on third-party marketplaces sites (as “Primary” or “Secondary Transactions”). All purchases, transactions and potential refunds are subject to the terms and conditions of these sites.

Swixel has no control over cryptocurrency transactions, no ability to reverse transactions, and thus no liability to you or third parties for any claims or damages as a result of transactions that you conduct via the respective marketplace websites, blockchains or Web3 wallets.

Terms of Service

These Terms of Service constitute an agreement made between you, (the “Collector”) and the artist known as Swixel.



Swixel provides services to you, the Collector, through this and thirdparty websites. By using or accessing this and thirdparty websites, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these Terms. Swixel may change or amend these Terms at any time you are encouraged to review them periodically.



Collector must be at least eighteen (18) years old (or have reached the age of majority under the jurisdiction of  the state of your primary residence) else may only access services with the permission of a parent or legal guardian.



Swixel is an artist and designer whos work is a collection of traditional and digital art, including but not limited to non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) stored on various blockchains.



The purchase of Swixel’s art, in any format, does not grant any profit-sharing interest, equity, ownership of intellectual property, unless otherwise stated.



Swixel grants to the Collector a worldwide and royalty-free license to display the art solely for non-commercial purposes. This right may be transfered to a subsequent Collector with the transfer of ownership of the asset.



For a some collections Swixel grants to the Collector full commercial license to use the artwork in the purchased asset. Collectors of the collections listed below may produce commercial products, but may not to use the “Swixel” name, logo or branding.

Collection: Folk by Swixel
Smart contract: 0x2b50…986e

IP rights may apply to any asset owned at the time of the derivative’s creation and perpetuate while the Collector owns that same purchased asset. The Collector agrees to not create derivative work that depicts or encourages illegal, offensive or violent acts.

Importantly, IP rights for derivative works are not transferred to a subsequent Collector of the same asset, unless agreed to by the original derivative creator.



Primary and secondary marketplace sales and other trading activities based on smart contract and blockchain technology are experimental, speculative, and potentially risky. Malfunctions, hacking, theft and updated rules of respective blockchains can have significant impact. The risk of locked or blocked features (including the ability to buy or sell), and even total loss of the Collector’s cryptocurrency or digital assets must be considered when dealing with these technologies.

Importantly, the Collector will be responsible to pay any and taxes claimed or imposed by any governmental authority associated with digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Privacy will not collect any cookies, IP addresses, or personal data in connection with this website. You must understands however that third-party services and applications may collect data, including Twitter, Discord and any Web3 services that feature holder verifications (proof that you own a particular NFT).

Importantly, pease understand that cryptocurrency networks (including Ethereum and Tezos) are public blockchains and your transaction history will be made public.