Whimsical, pop surrealism in the form of handcrafted art and illustration. Creator of world building and narrative driven artworks.

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Folk by Swixel

FOLK Season 4

A unique collection of NFTs from the mind of Swixel. Folk are denizens of the caldera: a ring of mountains formed at the base of a remnant volcano. In these fertile grounds, verdant valleys, forests and deep gullies abound; a cradle of life for the weird and wonderful.

Hand-crafted folk

Special editions


An official collaboration with DFZ LABS for the release of the Deadfellaz Infected S3 auctions & editions. Featuring works by Jisu, Glowa, Yon, Risa, Rensi, Griff, 3landers, Goonz, Ykha Amelz, Hoshi Peach, Swixel Folk, Jason Ebeyer, Shakkablood, Supervillain, Manovermars, Chothough, Junkyard, Giant Swan, and Joyce Liu.

Swixel Artworks 1/1

Major works minted on Swixel’s own smart contract or via third-part art galleries.